I actually started thinking about a blog because of a comment my husband made.  Someone visiting had asked where I was and he responded, “oh, off in her children’s book world!”  Seems whenever I came in from being with the animals I always had a story to tell.  I loved reading children’s books to my girls while they were growing up and to my classes that I taught.   Anyway, I’d come in telling something about the animals and what had transpired which always seemed to be in story form so my husband decided I mostly lived in a children’s book world.  I know, I just try to look at it as a complement.

I put off the idea of a blog for a year or two and then this fall my dear Portuguese Water dog named Bayley died.  I  had her for twelve years and never put one of her silly stories down on paper.  Last week when my daughters’ horse lost her battle with cancer I decided I couldn’t put if off any longer.  Nothing like losing a loved pet to wake you up and get you rolling.  Hence, I start my blog for Bayley and T.J., two really special pets with amazing personalities.

A girls best friend

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