A little ranch tour

I have a talented  husband who built us this great gate.  It swings open to my world!

We have pasture on either side of the road leading to our house.  Everybody gets a turn in the pastures, but they don’t get to live there full-time.  Arizona is different from Colorado that way.  Here in Skull Valley,  the grass is not as plentiful and you have to water, water and water it to make it grow.Our road leads to the bunk house, the main house and the stalls where the horses live.  We have family that loves to come stay in the bunk house.Our house has that wonderful southwestern architecture, the kind that keeps the  house cool in the summer. Claire is being so cooperative today helping me give a tour of the ranch.  Have you noticed her in a few of the pictures?  I’m surprised Scrappy cat hasn’t shown up.

This is our back pasture, except it really isn’t a pasture because it isn’t watered so it has no grass.  The back pasture has just that scruffy stuff that grows in the high desert.  We turn the horses out and feed them grass in big tubs.  This way they are out of their stalls and getting to roam together which they love cause they can play rip the fly mask off your buddies head.

Notice Claire is showing you the stalls.  This type is popular here in Arizona……sort of al fresco style.  The stalls give the horses shelter from the hot sun, rains and the few snows we get here.  In Colorado we had enclosed stalls for those really heavy snow storms.  I happen to know that horses can live just fine with a shed to keep them out of the weather. Growing up in Wyoming, our horses had covered three-sided sheds and they lived happy lives to thirty years of age.

This is my view off the back porch.  I watch the birds and bunny eat from this porch.  I’ve also seen our Longhorns eat bird seed back here one morning when they had their big escape.

Longhorns pretending to be quail

My oh my, you forget how brown things were once summer comes.  I for one am not ready for any leaves turning.  Thank heavens it’s only the end of July.

Found out where Scrappy was hiding out….she isn’t as social as Claire.

Well that takes care of the tour.  Now you’ll have an idea of what my little world looks like.

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