There’s a quail in my pantry

the pantry

I was in my sewing room when I heard a strange yowl from Scrappy our cat.  I immediately thought she was about to get in a fight with a stray cat that had been hanging around the ranch.  I dashed out of the room to break up the fight only to find Scrappy walking down the hall to give me her treasure.  I yelled for her to “drop it” not knowing what I was commanding her to drop.  The last time I yelled she dropped a baby gopher, this time it was a young quail.  This has happened before, though not in the house.  The front door was left open by my husband and she just marched right in.   It’s always the same song and dance when she catches a bird and I’m around…..drop, flutter, pounce, yell, drop, flutter, pounce, yell until something happens.  Usually either the bird gets away or I get my hands on Scrappy’s tail.  It was a blur of screaming, fluttering and pouncing until somehow the poor bird flew into the pantry and I shut the door.  Scrappy walked off, her gift delivered and the thrill of the hunt clearly diminished by my screaming.  The good news is the young quail wasn’t hurt.  I used gloves to catch him, but he didn’t even try to peck me.   I was able to release him back to the flock to live another day.

Scrappy cat

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