Bayley Bear

It’s been a year since my beloved dog Bayley passed away.   My heart still hurts when I think about her.  I haven’t replaced her yet as I don’t think she can be replaced.  I think she was one of those “once in a lifetime sort of dogs”.  I still have Claire my standard poodle and as much as Claire missed Bayley when she died, I think she is getting accustomed to the extra attention.  Bayley was really an attention hog.

Bayley was a Portuguese Water dog.  I bought her twelve years ago before the breed became popular.  I can honestly say she was the most sensitive and intuitive dog I have ever met.  Can a dog be intuitive?  There were times at night if I took a deep cleansing breath, Bayley would do the same.  She would press her body against you as if to hug you.  Bayley was a great dog and I’m really glad I shared twelve years with her.

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