Last week I awoke to the most beautiful scene outside my window.  A spring storm blew through covering our ranch with a blanket of snow.

view out my back door

It was actually pretty deep.  The hummer needed a snow shovel!

The view out my front door was amazing.  I wish my photos did the scenery justice.  These pictures are SOOC and I used my little point and shoot camera for all the pictures

view out the front door

Our electricity went out which was no surprise because of the amount of moisture.  We have a fragile electrical system,  hence the generator which I love, along with the husband who had it installed.  Even on this magical morning I needed my Java.

A couple more images from probably the most beautiful morning I’ve ever witnessed.

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2 Responses to Amazing

  1. Sabrina says:

    Tammie it’s just beautiful! I’m so glad I found your blog!


  2. Hi Tammie; I love your blog. I just started mine today. Needs a lot of work…mine, I mean. You are a great story teller, seamstress, photographer and most importantly, my friend.

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