One of these cows is not like the others……..

If you don’t watch children’s television with a preschooler, you probably wouldn’t know the rest of the words to  the title of this post.  Here, I’ll sing it for you…..

One of these things (in my case cows) is not like the others,

one of these cows just doesn’t belong,

One of these cows is not like the others,

can you tell me which one before I finish my song?

At this point the preschooler is jumping up and down pointing to the item that does not look the same.  The song is what I thought of when Tex went for a walk about and I saw him standing with a bunch of Black Angus cows and their babies.

That Tex took off from home doesn’t surprise me.  He lives with a couple of grouchy heifers who jab him with their very sharp horns when he gets near any food they might want.  You might say, “Tex is at the bottom of the food chain in our small herd”.  So when the opportunity presented itself, off he went in search of better pastures, or at least better pasture mates……

which he found.  They not only let him hang out with them, they invited him right in to the family fold.  Uncle Tex.

When I started calling Tex to come home, he completely ignored me and in fact tried to hide from me.

The herd tried to help….

It’s not me…just a bush…..

When I got serious about calling him home, they all took off.  I wasn’t going to take their Tex.

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1 Response to One of these cows is not like the others……..

  1. Dearest Tammie;
    I just happened to click on your blogspot this morning. Your writing is awesome!!!
    I enjoyed reading your stories and getting some insight into who you are……you know…what makes your tick!!
    Keep sharing.
    Love Louise

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