Skull Valley Irish Soda Bread

We’re going to a St. Patty’s dinner tonight at friends here in Skull Valley.  I’m in charge of the Irish Soda bread which is no problem because I’ve made it several times before.  No problem except I’ve never made it here in Skull Valley, Az., in the middle of no where.

Thank God and Hugh’s Net I can get on the computer to research the recipe. I’ve already decided not to make the drive to the grocery store in Prescott.  It’s a good hour round trip and I’m not up for it, which means I’ll have to use what I have at home and what the Skull Valley grocery store has in stock.  I’ve already learned not to ask the S.V. store for buttermilk because  I’m always given the recipe one tablespoon white vinegar to one cup milk. Digging under the cupboard I found American but not Irish whiskey.  How different could they be?  I needed dark raisins, but I’d make do with golden as the store has not replaced the last ones to dry out sitting on the shelf too long.  Humm…. must not be many raisin eaters here in Skull Valley.   One last ingredient to round up, caraway seeds.  I called my dear eighty year old neighbors because I knew Bill did some bread baking.  He found a jar,  but couldn’t tell me how old they are cause  he couldn’t remember the last time he used them.  Well let’s see, they’ve been in the house since 1980, but I figure caraway seeds have a long shelf life.

Mix in a tablespoon vinegar to one cup milk and I’ve got buttermilk, soak golden raisins in American whiskey and throw in some ancient caraway seeds.  Add a few more ingredients flour, baking soda, and baking powder and you have Irish Soda bread…..  Delicious!!!!  Life in Skull Valley…..Priceless!!!


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