Moving day for the chicks


Noah moving the chicks


Grace with her load of chicks

The chicks grew so fast it seemed like I could see changes every day.  We had already moved them out of the box in the warm office and into a large trough to give them more space in the shop.  Rod was busy, busy on the coop and finally the day came to move them outside to their new home.  Luckily, Grace and Noah came to visit on moving day which added to the excitement.


The coop will never be this clean again.

I’m not sure who was more excited, Grace or me.  I do know who fit in the coop better, but Grace insisted on taking a picture of me.


note to self…..start wearing make-up again!


They look pretty happy in the new digs. That’s the banty on the top.

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1 Response to Moving day for the chicks

  1. Lovely pictures… especially in the crate on the little truck!

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