Of Chickens and Children

I bought the chicks for myself.  Pure and simple.  I wanted the experience of caring for the babies and then getting to collect the eggs.  What caught me by surprise was the joy I experienced as each of the grandchildren came to visit and meet the chickens.

Noah with Sammie (named after Uncle Sam)

Grace with Mia who soon became Milo after he crowed.

Cody and Morgan came when the original chicks were older, luckily,  I had just brought home six chicks about two months younger that still needed named.   I really wish I could have raised them from the start because I really feel it makes a  huge difference in how friendly they are.  I ended up with two Coco Morans, two black or grey silkies, one rare Egyptian Fayoumis and one I just not sure about.  It’s supposed to be an Egyptian Fayoumis, but it’s not looking like Cleo, who looks like the pictures in the chicken book.

Cody and Morgan feeding Princess Celestia.

The three older granddaughters came to visit in August.  Kelsi, Kylie and Hallie are city girls just like Noah and Grace.  Well, Noah is a city boy.  The chickens just endeared themselves to the girls and after a week they left hoping to go home and get chickens.  Alas, laws prevent backyard chickens in Erie, Colorado.  While they were here we were able to name the rest so all of the kids had a hand in naming the chickens which is so special because I think of each grandchild as I’m calling the chicken they named.

Hallie with new eggs, Kelsi with Celest, and Kylie with Cutie Pie

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